Dignity For All Daughters

Pact to refrain from using porn, or sexual seduction, as advertising

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Why? Of course, we are not advocating scorn towards sons. There is something unique and precious about daughters of any age. We intend to commend noble firms that choose to respect those feminine qualities which are so often disgraced for commercial purposes.

It is easy to find examples of those who use advertising that is degrading to women. It is not so easy to find those who consistently treat all daughters with dignity. If you see an advertisement that is perfectly decent, how would you know they always adhere to this high standard?

The purpose of this public service is to certify, and publicly commend, that our affiliates consistently uphold the standards of feminine honour. An affiliate is either an individual, or an organization, who has officially, freely, and publicly affirmed agreement with the defined standards of Dignity For All Daughters.

Automatic promotion of affiliates:
▪ Free to use Dignity For All Daughters logo
▪ Publicly listed as an affiliate

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What are the standards? Please see “Standards and Compliance Certification” below.

Is there a fee to become an affiliate? No, there is no requirement to be a sponsor, in order to be an affiliate.

What if I do not agree with the standards? We are providing a public service at no cost to those served. We have no intention of compromising our standards for the sake of those who have no use for our service. If you do not like our service, simply do not use it.

How do I know you were not secretly paid to endorse these affiliates? It would be inconceivable that anyone would want to be listed as an affiliate, yet behave in a way contrary to the standards. So, there will be no opportunity for corruption. Every cent of sponsorship funds will be used for promotional expenses, purchased on the free market, in commendation of affiliates. Therefore, there will be no financial profit for those who are volunteering to administer this service. To sponsor this project, you must be an affiliate.

What about those who do not become affiliates? We will not be calling for boycotts.

What about scandal? We will not be removing affiliates from the list based on some criteria other than our delimited standards. Thus, we are not commending every aspect of our affiliates.


NOT required:
▪ Wearing a habit
▪ Wearing a burka
▪ Ugly — we have nothing against beauty
▪ Absence of females

We will use a consortium to establish and maintain standards. To be an affiliate, it is not required to be a Christian man, however, it will be Christian, male affiliates who will be establishing and maintaining the standards. No sponsor funds will be used to pay these volunteers.

Why men? Yes, some women also know what would be considered sexually seductive to men. We need the certification to be authoritative, rather than second-hand.

Why Christian? Granted, there have been many false Christians that have caused great misery for society, as was foreseen in the Scripture. It is also a scriptural principle, which has been proven true through history, that society is greatly blessed by the influence of true Christianity.

We will be using a polling method to evaluate and certify compliance with standards. Christian, male affiliates are eligible to provide evaluations, and 97% agreement will constitute certification. No sponsor funds will be used to pay these volunteers. In the poll, each of the categories of the standard will be listed for choosing if the image either meets the standard for that category or not. Requests can be made for further clarification of reasons for any failure. Sample size will be at least 60, so it would require at least three evaluators to agree, in order for the image to be rejected. Affiliates can choose to submit images for pre-approval.

Because the required polling percentage is so strict, it seems possible that some might try to sabotage the process by feigning to be qualified evaluators and voting down everything. In order to thwart such attempts, and for other benefits, there will be an inquest request process for any image that is rejected.

The products sold or produced by affiliates must also be considered as advertising, not just marketing materials. The standard must be consistently upheld, not just for photos, but also for artwork, live events, videos, text, audio, etc. This standard is not limited to clothing, or lack thereof, but also to postures and even seductive or erotic facial expressions.


Decision #1: Will we provide varying levels of promotion, beyond the automatic promotions listed above, for affiliates who are also sponsors? For example:
▪ One or two top sponsors named as a tagline, possibly on a yearly rotation. For example, Dignity For All Daughters — sponsored by Chick-fil-a and Interstate Batteries.
▪ Full-colour logo in public list, rather than simply having their name listed in text.
▪ Varying sizes of black and white logos in public list.
▪ We would want the text list to be in alphabetical order, for easy reference, but we could also put the logos for the notable sponsors at the top of the list.

Decision #2: Should we set up accounts with advertising agencies, Facebook boost, Google AdWords, marketing artists, etc., for sponsors to choose and directly add funds for specified projects? We could do this instead of receiving donations ourselves.


Design a logo that is distinctive, even as a small, black and white emblem, with no greyscale. This would allow the colour of the logo to be tinted, if needed, to integrate with the colour scheme of each affiliate. Also, make a full-colour version of the same logo, in great detail.


Please message us to discuss joining our development team. Thanks!


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